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Welcome to Galal Arabians!

We are a branch of Serendipity Farms Incorporated, a top breeding and competition farm that has been active in Sim since 2002. Our Arabian herd grew too large to be included with the many other breeds that call Serendipity home, so they were moved to a seperate facility.

Galal specializes in Straight Egyptian and Pure Polish Arabians, with a few Domestic and Half Arabians of all sorts as well. We breed our horses for temperment, performance and conformation; only top quality horses are brought into our bloodstock and only the best leave here. Our horses carry some of the finest real life and Sim lines that can be found.

Our horses show actively within the AHAC and race within the ASARA, where they have achieved many titles and other accolades. Also, we have several AHAC Breeders Sweepstakes Nominated Sires and Dams. Our horses are primarily sporthorse, flat racing (dirt and turf), dressage, hunter, and jumper horses, but we also have one or two cutting, reining, and working cowhorses.



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