All the content of this site and most sites connected to it (unless the link is part of a photo credit) are part of a Simulated horse game that I and many other 'simmers' do for a hobby. We create, breed, show and race our stables of virtual horses for a fun hobby and we do not make any money off the horses. This provides a way for many people who cannot or do not own a real horse to learn about pedigrees, breeds, showing and racing without leaving their homes. The horses on all the following pages are fake and do not exist in real life; they were 'created' by me or other simmers. There are also some horses that are the 'offspring' of other Sim horses.

Many of these 'Sim' horses have photographs of real horses on their pages to give the Sim horse a more 'real' description and appearance. I do not claim to own any of the real horses that are featured on my pages, except for W Rebelion, whom I do own in real life. I have done my best to obtain permission from the real horse's owner and/or the photographer to use any of the photos on this site and I have made every effort to obey any and all copyright laws. Also, all photos are uploaded to my own site, and are not hotlinked to any farm's site. However, if I have misused a photo that is yours or a photo is incorrectly credited, please e-mail me and I will remove or properly credit the photo immediately.

Most of these 'Sim' horses have real horses in their pedigrees and are sometimes based off real life horses to make their pedigrees accurate in regard to ages, ect. It helps to prevent a Sim horse born in 2001 being sired by a horse who died many years ago (i.e. Secretariat, Phar Lap, ect) or being sired/out of a horse who was a gelding or who did not have any foals (i.e. Funny Cide, Ruffian, ect) If you own a horse used in one of my Sim horse's pedigrees and do not want it's name used, please let me know.

There are links to other Sim horses that take you to Simulated stables owned by other simmers and I do not know if they have properly used and credited all photos on their sites. The websites linked at the bottom of the page are the only ones that I maintain and the only ones I take responsibility for.

If you have any questions, comments or complaints about this site, please e-mail me and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you,
Hannah M.

Serendipity Farms Incorporated